What happens with my policy if I have a bad driving record?

Even one road incident can create a bad driving record and so the effects can begin with a simple speeding ticket. Insurance companies are extra vigilant about clients with bad driving records because it can be a precursor to major damages and claims. You could end up as an excluded driver which means you will not be able to get coverage until you repair your history.

Car owners with good driving records are allowed to list excluded drivers on their car insurance policy. This is to protect the car owner and the insurance company from any claims that may be caused by something the excluded driver did on the road. The excluded driver is not covered by the car insurance but can be eligible for medical insurance. Very commonly among listed as excluded drivers are teenagers, those with a suspended license, and those who have filed many claims.

For car owners who get a bad driving record during the insured period and make a claim, they can expect a higher premium when the time for renewal of policy arrives. However, a driver with a bad record who doesn’t make a claim can be automatically renewed by the insurance company at the same rate. If he decides to change insurance provider, he will have to present his valid driver’s license in which case, the bad driving record will be viewed.


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