Will my policy cover auto theft?

If you are worried about the chances of your car being stolen, then you must include coverage for theft. There are car insurance plans that do not cover theft. For instance liability insurance is not a comprehensive policy and only covers you for property damage or injuries.

You can customize your insurance policy so that theft, liability, even the sound system is covered. You will need to sit down with the insurance agent to work out an insurance policy that meets all your security needs while staying within your budget.

To lower the premium on the added feature for theft, you should upgrade your car alarm system, buy a steering wheel lock, or make sure you keep your car parked inside a garage instead of on the street at night. While there is not much you can do about your place of residence, you must take steps to ensure some degree of safety for the car so the insurance company does not charge you the highest rate possible. All these, you must make arrangements for or fix before approaching the insurance company.

Keep in mind though that these are not the only gauge for assessing risk factor. The insurance company will still take into consideration your driving history, usual daily route, place of residence, car brand and model, and maybe even lifestyle.



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