If I get into an accident, do I have to use my policy or can I use my parent’s policy?

If you are a dependent or a minor, you can “ride” on your parents’ policy provided you are listed on their policy. This means you have the permission of your parents to drive their car and they are paying a slightly higher premium because your name is included in their auto insurance plan. On the other hand, if you are not listed and try to use your parents’ policy instead of your own, you could be liable for insurance fraud. The insured, your parents also become liable for insurance fraud if you do this so you can see that it can be very complicated.

In addition, if you have your own car insurance policy and you are a minor or dependent, you need to have the signatures of your parents and/or guardian for the policy contract to be binding.

In another situation, if you are legally an adult but living in the same house with your parents you can also be listed under their car insurance policy. This is what insurance companies call “household” which refers to anyone living under the same roof.

Finally, if you are driving your parents’ car and you are listed under their policy, then you can use their policy. But if you are driving your own car, it can get complicated since the car insurance policy will indicate which vehicle is insured under that policy.


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