Do you have to be related to the person you add to your policy?

No, insurance companies do not set limits on the qualifications in adding names to one’s policy. You can add a friend, relative, or acquaintance and they will assess the premium based on that person’s history and records. The question though that must be answered is why add anyone?

When you add a name to your car insurance policy, you are effectively taking responsibility for this person’s driving skills and habits. The buck will ultimately end with you so if you must add anyone, be sure you can rely on them to drive safe.

Any accident or traffic ticket that person gets while driving your car will mean another increase in your premium when the time for renewal comes around. You will become a new high risk client even if you never figured in a car accident or got a ticket during the year. It is even possible for the insurance company to cancel out your insurance policy based on the gravity of the car accident or multiple bad driving incidents.

The reason you may be thinking that the person to be added can only be a relative is because most experts in car insurance would recommend adding only a person who is living in the same house as you. This way you can monitor his or her driving activities and habits.



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