3 Things You Need to Know About Car Insurance in Texas

Drivers in the Lone Star State, like those in just about every state in America, are required by law to maintain a minimum amount of vehicle insurance. While all that’s legally required of your car insurance in Texas is liability coverage, there are numerous other types of coverage to consider. Liability protection, which provides benefits…

Ohio Has Strict Driving Safety Laws

Strict Driving Laws in Ohio

As it is true with many states, Ohio has worked hard in the recent past to pass legislation that would make driving on the roads of the state safer. Several of the laws were passed not only on common sense, but on statistics of the dangers of driving. Ohio car insurance rates are directly influenced on the costs of the accident claims submitted each year. If there are fewer claims, then auto insurance rates decline for everyone since the cost of running an insurance company also decreases when the number of collisions shrinks.