The residents of Delaware take teen driving safety seriously. The state has put together an online website area to educate teen drivers about the hazards of inexperienced and distracted driving. The Teen Driving area of the State of Delaware’s website keeps the page modern and interactive by offering videos, online tests and manuals, statistics, and opportunities for youth to share their driving stories.

The site gives information on the state’s No Phone Zone program where teens promise to turn their cards into a safe area without phones while driving. The Teen Driver Alert program, put together by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles and the Teen Driver Task Force, gives young drivers a magnet for their cars announcing that they are a novice driver. This initiative hopes that alerting other drivers to the fact that there is a younger motorist in the car will help remind drivers to be safe and cautious.

Delaware has implemented the GDL law for teen drivers in the state. This law mandates more behind the wheel practice time than many other states. This practice occurs after the necessary driver’s education classes. Teens must be supervised while driving for at least one year. The approval of other driving privileges, such as night driving and the number of passengers permitted, comes later in the process.

Statistics show that the new GDL law and restrictions has reduced teen car crashes 50% since its beginnings in 1998.  This is not only a boon to parents of beloved teens throughout Delaware, but also a blessing for Delaware car insurance rates. Less crashes makes for fewer insurance claims which translates to savings for Delaware policyholders.

Auto insurance companies naturally charge more for young drivers since their inexperience makes them more likely to get in collisions than older drivers. The Delaware Insurance Department recommends that parents of younger drivers enlist their children in defensive driving courses, encourage them to make good grades in order to quality for good student discounts, to avoid traffic violations and crashes, and to drive responsibility. Teens who manage to follow these guidelines will cost their families less in car insurance costs during their teen years.

The State of Delaware has some strict laws regarding teen driving misconduct as well. Teens who fail to adhere to the GDL driving laws or who operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol will find themselves holding a suspended license. The time of the suspense grows with each additional offense. Also, if a teen is found to be driving recklessly or in a way they know to be unsafe, they will be fined and may also face suspension of their license.

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