My child was at fault in an accident driving a friend’s car, do I have to tell my insurance company?

If your child is listed in an insurance policy and you need to file a claim to help you cover the cost of the damages and medical expenses, then you will need to inform them.

But you may not be able to do this with your car insurance since your car was not involved in the accident. You may do this with health insurance. Keep in mind that car insurance follows the car, not necessarily the driver.

If the friend has insurance, he should be the one making the claim but he might probably charge the deductible to your daughter – and maybe even any other expenses he may have incurred like taxi fare while the car is being repaired.

Your child obviously has a driver’s license, so the insurance policy where she is listed will be affected. The insurance company will find out sooner or later and so your child should expect the rate to increase.


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