Why is it harder to get insurance with bad driving records?

Anyone with a bad driving record is considered a high risk driver. The chances the insurance company will not make money changes from possible to probable. No insurance company would be willing to gamble on this driver without making sure they get paid higher monthly premiums, at the very least.

In fact, the chances are very high that a person who’s been in more than 2 traffic violations or road accidents in the past 12 months could be rejected by an insurance company. This car owner would then have to seek insurance from a lesser known insurance company or insurance companies who specifically offer non-standard motorist coverage and willing to take a risk.

No matter who is approached, the monthly premium will be higher. Many of these companies are on the Internet and aggressively marketing their services.  Another source for high risk drivers would be to turn to state insurance placement coverage but there is a list of prerequisites that will need to be fulfilled to qualify.


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