Traditionally, governmental entities have been slow to adapt to new technologies. However, the state of Montana recently announced the expansion of an online system for regulating car insurance for consumers. The Montana Commissioner of Securities & Insurance department is looking to find easier, cost effective and appealing approaches to connecting Montana residents with auto insurance regulators.

Part of the reason for this move is the trend of Montana car insurance customers searching online for the best possible car insurance quotes. Online searches for auto insurance quotes help consumers feel in control by allowing them to do cost comparisons amongst a variety of insurance companies. In fact, those seeking the absolute best prices in auto insurance or those looking to switch for a better deal are more likely to turn to the Internet to find their new insurance company. It only makes sense for the State of Montana to become more digitized as well to meet the growth and demand of drivers in Big Sky Country.

One way that Montana is looking out for motorists with this new approach is by uploading forms online that consumers can use to file complaints about their car insurance companies. Auto insurance companies that are not operating ethically are a strain on consumers, the state, and other legitimate car insurance firms. This move to digital will also help residents with understanding the minimum legal car insurance requirements and understanding their own car insurance policies.

As of the beginning of 2012, Montana is listed as the country’s largest auto insurance risk state. TransUnion presented its quarterly report, the Auto Insurance Risk Index, that assists car insurance companies in planning for possible upcoming risks. This information could easily lead to an increase in car insurance premiums throughout the state in an effort to counter the risk levels being reported.

State auto insurance regulators and local car insurance companies must work together in ensuring that safe and affordable policies and premiums are available for all drivers in Montana. As states do more to decrease their risks and costs in terms of car accidents in their respective states, new approaches are being utilized such as the formation of car insurance fraud departments, making car insurance easier with technology, and cracking down on consequences for uninsured drives. Working together, they can bring down the premium costs and risk levels for the state, which will benefit everyone involved. Montana is doing their part to maximize the connection between car insurance business and policyholders.

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