Car insurance is one of those necessary evils that every registered vehicle owner must face. There was once a time where auto insurance was an optional protection for individuals looking realistic enough to know that an accident could occur at any time. Taking a risk and not purchasing insurance was not uncommon. Today, the majority of the states in America require drivers to purchase at least a liability policy on each vehicle they register. That is because not having the right car insurance policy is a burden not only on the driver, but also on the community and the local justice system.

The North Dakota Insurance Department has released information that proves that the state has one of the lowest car insurance rates available in the United States. Ranked under only Iowa, North Dakota auto insurance averages a bit over $650 a year. These policies include not only liability insurance, but comprehensive and collision coverage as well. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complete a year and a half report and put together a report annually that lists the states by their insurance costs. The latest report is using stats from back in 2009 but that information does prove that North Dakota enjoys some of the most affordable auto insurance policies in the country.

The state can’t take all the credit for this development since they have no part in determining the rates drivers pay for car insurance. The North Dakota Insurance Department licenses legitimate insurance companies and regulates the rules involving auto insurance, but they do not take part in deciding how much insurance will cost North Dakota residents.

There are a lot of different factors that car insurance companies consider when they quote a new policy. Some of them include the make and model of the car, the owner’s driving record, as well as the owner’s credit score, past claims, location, age and experience.  However, just because the state is listed as one of the more affordable car insurance options does not mean that consumers should stop looking to get a better price. There is a multitude of ways to save money on car insurance so that even the best rates in the country can get a bit better. Getting the right make and model of car, driving safely, utilizing discounts, and keeping a decent credit score will all go far in the effort to lower a driver’s policy costs.

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