How Bad Winters in Rhode Island Affect Car Insurance

Drivers in Rhode Island are no strangers to poor driving conditions. Winter weather in this smallest state in the country can be challenging for residents and motorists. The State of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Emergency Agency (RIEMA) work together each year to warn and prepare drivers for poor visibility and dangerous driving conditions during the winter months. However, it is not just the big storms that cause problems for drivers and car insurance companies in Rhode Island, even light snow causes car accidents and concerns.

There is a lot that goes into consideration when determining car insurance rates for Rhode Island drivers. These factors include previous driving record, gender, age, use of vehicle, types of coverage, make/model of car, credit score, and area/territory. Rhode Island car insurance companies also understand the challenges in winter as collision claims rise to match the weather. Having this type of weather automatically means that car insurance rates will be higher for this state compared to states with milder weather due to the influx of car accidents during the early months of the year.

Therefore, the Rhode Island Insurance Division mandates that drivers proof that they are financially responsible to cover damages they may incur in a car accident. This typically means purchasing car insurance, at least a liability policy to cover the damages caused to others in a collision. While distracted driving or speeding can be dangerous any time of the year, it is even more so in the winter. It is in everyone’s best interest to avoid car insurance claims to keep the area’s rates from rising and that means promoting safe driving.

Winter activities, like snowmobiling, are covered separated from the standard auto insurance policy. For those who enjoy the use of a snowmobile during this season, they are encouraged to contact their insurance company and request additional insurance to cover them while they are participating in this potentially hazardous activity.

The State of Rhode Island also wants residents to know that operating a snow plow on their vehicle with only a private insurance policy could find themselves without insurance coverage in the event of an incident. If you the attached plow is used only to clear the way in front of the insured’s home, or friends and family, then the auto insurance company should be fine covering damages. However, if someone is using the plow to earn income then they would be better protecting by contacting their car insurance company and getting a commercial snow plow license. Otherwise, they could find they have to pay out of pocket if any damages do occur.

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