One of the best ways to save money on car insurance policies is to be a safe driver. Many auto insurance businesses are offering hefty discounts and rewards to customers who have little to no traffic violations or collisions. The longer the amount of time between an incident, the better a person’s driving record and the more likely they are to have these deep discounts available.

Colorado car insurance companies have the added benefit of local driving safety organizations such as Alive at 25, Drive Safe, and Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving.

Alive at 25 is a Colorado initiative that has started to spread to other states in America. The purpose of the Alive at 25 program is to promote better driving among young adults the ages of 15 to 24 years old. These years are when drivers are the most inexperienced and the most likely to get into a car accident.

Drivers of this age group are twice as likely in be involved in a deadly car crash. This age group is susceptible to inexperience, impaired driving, lack of awareness, peer distractions, speeding, and social driving that increases their risks. Alive at 25 hopes to change the statistics by instructing youth on the dangers of driving and preparing them to be responsible motorists.

Drive Safe Driving Schools maintain qualified teachers that ensure that drivers of all ages understand the hazards and safety requirements of driving. This type of student driving practice gives a hands on, realistic approach to learning to drive that cannot be replaced by lectures or tests.

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving is a defensive driving course for drivers of all ages that focuses on split second driving decisions and how to make better ones.  This program did not start in Colorado but was instead created by the National Safety Council. It is an all day training provided by local law enforcement.

The Colorado Division of Insurance mandates car insurance requirements for drivers in the state. Car insurance companies in Colorado benefit from safe drivers. A policyholder with no insurance claims saves the company money. That is why many car insurance firms in the state offer discounts and rewards for safe driving. Big auto insurance firms, like Allstate, offer discounts as high as 45% for safe drivers. Some businesses will even have discounts for individuals who take an approved defensive driving course. These types of rewards are a nice bonus for drivers who have a decent driving track record.

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