Montana Car Insurance Regulators Focus on Online Approach

Montana Car Insurance Regulations Traditionally, governmental entities have been slow to adapt to new technologies. However, the state of Montana recently announced the expansion of an online system for regulating car insurance for consumers. The Montana Commissioner of Securities & Insurance department is looking to find easier, cost effective and appealing approaches to connecting Montana…


Maine Targets Distracted Drivers

Distracted Driving in Maine The statistics are staggering. Drivers who attempt to text or use their cell phone while driving put not only themselves but everyone else on the roadways in danger. A stat form the American Automobile Association states that 46% of teens surveyed admitted to texting while driving. Texting is a fairly new…


Plans to Force Indiana Residents to Purchase Car Insurance

Indiana Forces Residents to Buy Car Insurance

Most states have already adopted laws that require motorists in their jurisdiction to purchase car insurance, or to prove financial responsibility. The necessary requirements change from state to state but the bottom line is that the law wants to ensure that drivers are responsible for themselves and any potential damage they may do to others while on the roadways. The state of Indiana is looking to take this step just a bit further by proposing new laws that would make it even more difficult for residents that don’t maintain the minimum Indiana car insurance.


Driving Young in Delaware

The residents of Delaware take teen driving safety seriously. The state has put together an online website area to educate teen drivers about the hazards of inexperienced and distracted driving. The Teen Driving area of the State of Delaware’s website keeps the page modern and interactive by offering videos, online tests and manuals, statistics, and opportunities for youth to share their driving stories.


Connecticut Cracks Down on Unsafe Driving in 2012

All About Connecticut Car Insurance

One of the state of Connecticut’s new year resolutions for 2012 include curbing the number of drunk driving related incidents in the area. When the first of January chimed in, so did more severe laws regarding drunk driving. Their ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ campaign is taking a tougher stance with more serious consequences for individuals found to be driving under the influence in Connecticut.


Safe Driving Car Insurance Discounts in Colorado

Insurance Discounts in Colorado

One of the best ways to save money on car insurance policies is to be a safe driver. Many auto insurance businesses are offering hefty discounts and rewards to customers who have little to no traffic violations or collisions. The longer the amount of time between an incident, the better a person’s driving record and the more likely they are to have these deep discounts available.


Alabama Car Insurance: What Drivers Need to Know to Be Compliant

No one can drive in Alabama unless their car is covered by the minimum liability car insurance required by the state. The law in Alabama actually states that a person cannot even legally register a car in Alabama unless the proper auto insurance has been obtained. Anyone considering purchasing or driving in Alabama needs to pay close attention to how much car insurance they will need to drive legally.