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How far back do insurance companies go when looking at auto claims?

Insurance companies are known to look as far back as 7 years into your driving and insurance records, including credit scores when assessing an insurance claim.  If you file another claim, they will use this study and do another covering the past 3 years just in case they missed something.

Insurance companies appear to have a very rigid stance on pay-outs but it is just part of their business structure. Many of these insurance companies have been victimized by fraud so they take these extra careful measures to protect their interest. It’s never personal.

On the other hand, there are some insurance companies that go as far back as 10 years. This is why high risk drivers have a lengthy wait before being shifted back to a regular client status. They have a system in place that makes the process quick and easy. They normally look out for minor and major past claims. They do this not only when processing insurance claims but also when a car policy is up for renewal.

Remember that insurance companies are not always right and if you are categorized as high risk, you can object and show proof that past incidents were not your fault, or give any other logical explanation.