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How do you file personal injury claims through your car insurance?

Filing a Personal Injury Protection claim is a simple process of contacting the insurance company and informing them of the situation. From here, the insurance company will request supporting documents and answers to their questions. There is usually a form or two to fill up so you might have to visit their office to do this.

Some of the usual questions asked by the claims adjuster are regarding injuries, use of ambulance, request for medical reports listing the treatment done, current health situation, and past medical and insurance claims history.  It is important to answer clearly and as honestly as possible. Claims have been rejected on the basis that the claims adjuster simply does not believe you and your documents are insufficient.

The most stressful part is the questioning but once you have successfully passed this stage, it’s just a matter of days before your insurance company processes the claim and pays you or the medical facility. If you have advanced the payment for treatment, you will have to show the receipts and the check will be made out in the name of the policy holder.

Many insurance companies are now accepting online claims and conduct the interviews online. This helps lessen the inconvenience but does not eliminate face-to-face interaction.

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