No one can drive in Alabama unless their car is covered by the minimum liability car insurance required by the state. The law in Alabama actually states that a person cannot even legally register a car in Alabama unless the proper auto insurance has been obtained. Anyone considering purchasing or driving in Alabama needs to pay close attention to how much car insurance they will need to drive legally.

What are the requirements in Alabama? Alabama Car Insurance minimums are at least $25,000 to go towards bodily injury or death for an accident for one person, $50,000 to go towards all injuries or fatalities in an accident and at least $25,000 for any damage to vehicles or property in a collision. Many drivers aren’t aware though that a motor vehicle liability bond or deposit of cash that is enough to cover potential damages, at least $50,000, can be used instead of purchasing liability auto insurance. However, one of those 3 options must be successfully completed to adhere to the Alabama Department of Insurance requirements.

Not only must liability insurance be carried on the vehicle, drivers in the state of Alabama are required to carry proof of that insurance with them wherever they go. If the necessary proof, usually an insurance card from a qualified company, is not at hand then the driver is actually breaking the law. The same goes for individuals who claim to have insurance, or showcase a false proof of insurance, when they do not have the required coverage.

There is a variety of different occurrences that could happen while driving including minor fender benders, major car collisions, traffic violations, faulty motor vehicle parts or systems, impaired drivers, distractions, student or inexperienced drivers, and much more. Not having the proper car insurance policy can easily put a driver in a bad financial situation quickly.

There are over 2 million registered vehicles in the state of Alabama. Over 84% of the state’s population commutes alone to work each day. There are over 250 drunk driving deaths a year in Alabama, some of them teenagers. Over 1,000 a year in accidents related to texting while driving in this sthate. There are a number of opportunities for these motorists to miss something, make a poor judgment call, or become distracted. The deck is stacked against drivers. The only way to protect a motorist from financial hardships is to obtain the proper automobile insurance coverage.

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