10 things to maintain your autos performance

10 Ways to Maintain your Autos Performance

Reading a post on a popular news site today got me thinking about my own car’s performance and the little things that I often ignore in regards to regular maintenance. These things when ignored can possibly lead to increased auto insurance payments, which for most of us we do not need or want.


Ohio Has Strict Driving Safety Laws

Strict Driving Laws in Ohio

As it is true with many states, Ohio has worked hard in the recent past to pass legislation that would make driving on the roads of the state safer. Several of the laws were passed not only on common sense, but on statistics of the dangers of driving. Ohio car insurance rates are directly influenced on the costs of the accident claims submitted each year. If there are fewer claims, then auto insurance rates decline for everyone since the cost of running an insurance company also decreases when the number of collisions shrinks.


Wyoming Car Insurance Laws

As a republic, the United States allows each of the fifty states to enact and enforce their own laws in many areas. One of these areas is auto insurance requirements. Wyoming auto insurance laws are among the most liberal in the country in some ways, but they also contain some very strange provisions. After the…