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 Georgia and Car Insurance Costs

Georgia requires every driver to establish financial responsibility before getting behind the wheel. But unlike any other state, the kinds of proof the State of Georgia requires drivers to present varies by how long you have been driving.

The most economical approach to managing your car insurance costs in Georgia is to make sure you keep your policy current. Don’t rely on a grace period should you fail to make a payment. Have premiums deducted from your bank account rather than sending in checks by mail.

Take advantage of these common Georgia auto insurance discounts:

Drive less. The fewer miles you put on your car, the less you will pay for insurance. But don’t try to fake the mileage to and from your job. The insurance company will check.

Keep a spotless driving record. The fewer tickets you get, the lower your rates. Learn more about how speeding tickets affect your Georgia car insurance rates.

Get training. Both defensive driving courses for older adults and driver education classes for teens and young adults will usually get you lower rates.

Bill of sale. Along with your proof of insurance, for the first 30 days you own a vehicle you bought in Georgia you are required to carry a bill of sale which shows that you are the owner of your vehicle.

Insurance binder.

If you drive an automobile registered by the State of Georgia, the Motor Vehicle Division (which in Georgia is known as the MVD) keeps electronic records on all activity on your policy. During the first 30 days you are insured in Georgia, however, the MVD will not have your data online.

During this time you are required to carry a paper copy of your insurance binder as proof of coverage if you should be stopped by a traffic policeman or involved in an accident.

Insurance cards. The State of Georgia does not accept a paper insurance card as sole proof of insurance. Your electronic record will take precedence over any documentation you carry in your car.

Nonetheless, all Georgia drivers are required to carry insurance cards in their vehicles at all times when they are on public roads.

What Happens If You Are Caught Driving without Liability Insurance in Georgia?

When you are stopped by a peace officer while driving in Georgia, he or she will run your license plate numbers through the Georgia Registration and Title Information System (GRATIS). If the system shows you are covered, you’re fine. If not, then you need to be able to produce one of the three kinds of proofs of financial responsibility mentioned above.

Should you be caught driving without insurance, you will lose both your driver’s license and your auto registration for six months. You will have to pay a lapse fee of $25, a reinstatement fee of up to $160, and any fines levied by the traffic court judge for any criminal misdemeanors of which you are found guilty. That can be $200 to $1000 plus up to a year in jail. Add to that, your reissued auto insurance policy will cost you a lot more, up to 50% more than had you simply bought your policy and paid your premiums.

For further questions regarding your Georgia auto insurance see our FAQ page.

How Much Auto Liability Insurance is Required in Georgia?

How much coverage do you have to buy to drive a car in Georgia? Georgia law requires drivers to have 25/50/25 liability insurance. That means your policy will pay up to $50,000 for injuries to two or more persons injured in an accident in which you are at fault, and up to $25,000 for injuries to one person or damage to property. Learn more about liability coverage.

Since Georgia is a tort state, meaning you can be sued for actual amounts of damages by another driver, many people carry higher liability coverage limits.

High Risk Car Insurance Georgia

High risk auto insurance rates in Georgia is not cheap. Your typical reasons for moving into the high risk category are going to be things like speeding tickets, at fault auto accidents, Driving under the influence, and your age and gender.

Every state including Georgia has a pool of high risk drivers on the road. While many of your known insurance companies steer clear of high risk drivers there is still opportunity to get a decent rate. Companies like Geico, Nationwide, and All State appear to be less harsh on high risk drivers for things like speeding violations, DUI/DWI, and being a younger driver.

Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance in Georgia

Georgia drivers must obtain enough liability coverage that adheres to state minimums.

Your Georgia insurance policy must have the following minimum coverage amounts:

  • Bodily injury liability:
  • Property damage liability

How can I get Cheaper Coverage?

You might not be aware of the discounts available to you. Check with your agent or get an Online quote with Insurantly and compare prices from multiple companies.

Here are some Georgia auto insurance rate discounts you can inquire about:

  • No auto accidents
  • Insuring more than one car (multi-vehicle coverage)
  • Discounts for good students
  • Safety features in your car
  • Do you own a home?
  • Automatic payments
  • Driving courses



Add ons Georgia Full coverage Car Insurance

Additional coverage options will be available from most auto insurance carriers in Georgia. When comparing auto insurance rates, inquire about these types of coverages:

Collision – Car accidents happen, and this coverage is used to protect yourself from unforeseen traffic accidents.

Full/Comprehensive This will protect your vehicle beyond typical accidents and damages.


Uninsured drivers – Some areas particularly in larger cities have a high rate of uninsured drivers. Getting hit by one of these drivers will leave you with no coverage. Consider this option and speak to your agent about the appropriate coverages.

Rental car – If you travel frequently this coverage will save you from paying those daily insurance fees rental agencies try to sell you with your rental.

Related Questions For Your Georgia Car Insurance

How will a DUI affect my Georgia car insurance?

Getting a DUI in Georgia can something that leads to either jail time, suspension of driver’s license, fines or perhaps some combination of these. The effect on car insurance will depend on the type of DUI charge (less safe DUI versus per se DUI) and the results of the case against you. The main difference between these 2 types is one is based on the arresting officer’s observation on your behavior and the per se DUI is based on your blood alcohol level.

For the first offense, your license is suspended for 12 months. The second offense is a 3 year suspension aside from jail time, fines and all vehicle license plates under your name to be confiscated, among others. The 3rd offense is 5 year license suspension while the 4th is a felony.

Your Georgia Auto insurance rates will adjust according to the number of DUI offenses under your name by as much as 3 times the original amount. It could take years before you will see a decrease in the rate. Your other insurance plans like health, life, and medical are also affected. To learn more about how a DUI might affect your premium see our DUI Car insurance page.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Georgia?

It’s hard to say which company offers the cheapest car insurance because the rates are computed based on personal demographics. Factors like age, gender, driver’s history, work history, credit score, and vehicle details are all taken into consideration. You can visit your local DMV or the Georgia State department of insurance for their recommendations. Learn more about your full coverage options.

In 2003, the rates were around $920. This dropped in 2007 by about 0.5%. Since there is a minimum liability car insurance law in Georgia, it should be relatively easy to shop around among the insurance companies online. You can also apply for discounts based on academic record and good driver’s history.

Just know that you will need PIP and BIP aside from the personal liability. The minimum limits for BIP and PIP are minimum of $25,000/person and $50,000 for several persons. Property damage should be $25,000 for every incident or its equivalent. You are not required to get collision, uninsured or underinsured plans.

How much is car insurance for a teen driver in Georgia?

Car insurance for a teenager is about $80 to $150 on the average but this figure can drop or increase depending on personal circumstances. The rate can drop if the teen driver qualifies for discounts as a good academic student. This has a minimum GPA of a B or higher. Some insurance companies also offer discounts to teen drivers who go through comprehensive driver’s education training with an accredited school.

In addition, there are lower insurance rates for younger drivers who choose to drive the right kind of car. A sports car will obviously come with a higher insurance rate than a cheap sedan. Security devices like an alarm system will also be taken into consideration when computing for the insurance rate for a teen driver.

Teen drivers who get caught with a traffic violation or driving offense can see this amount go up to over $200 depending on the offense. In addition, the driver’s license may be suspended and fines will be imposed. Other factors that affect the rate are gender (male teen drivers are charged higher) and location of residence.