The norm when it comes to legislation and driving lately has been to enforce more laws to protect drivers and state residents. If there are too many deaths related to not wearing a seat belt, the state passes a law requiring seat belts. If there are too many motorcycle related head injuries, the state says bikers must wear a helmet. If there are too many accident claims involving uninsured drivers, well the proper thing to do is to make it for difficult to operate a vehicle without having car insurance. All states have some type of law requiring motorists to be financially responsible when it comes to car insurance. Most of the country’s states just flat out require drivers to carry a current auto insurance policy and have proof of that insurance in their car at all times. New Hampshire car insurance is a bit different.

The New Hampshire Insurance Department does require that state drivers have proof of financial responsibility, but they do not mandate auto insurance for drivers in this state. In fact, they don’t regulate helmets or seat belts either. Basic traffic rules that the rest of the country must follow on a regular basis are not controlled by the New Hampshire government. Residents are allowed to make these choices on their own. This holds true to the state’s motto, “Live Free or Die.”

You might think that the rate of accidents, claims and cost of driving in this state were sky high. However, statistics show that New Hampshire drivers actually have a pretty decent track record. State records indicate that 75% of the area’s drivers are buckling up, even without the law. This may mean that state laws regulating the use of seat belts may not even be necessary.

A whopping 90% of drivers in New Hampshire also carry car insurance, even though the laws don’t require them to do so. Many of the state’s laws, or lack of them, don’t seem to be the deciding factor when it comes to roadway safety. New Hampshire statistics indicate that citizens can be responsible about things like driving safety and car insurance without needed to involve local law enforcements. This could potentially free up plenty of government money since peace officers would be called to fewer accidents.

Only time will tell if New Hampshire’s approach to responsibility will work out long term, but the recent report shows that, for now, allowing drivers to live freely doesn’t not necessarily mean that they will chose to live irresponsibly.

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