Car insurance in Wisconsin

Wisconsin recently enacted laws that make auto insurance much more affordable. In fact, Wisconsin even allows its residents to prove their financial responsibility without buying auto insurance—but buying a Wisconsin auto insurance policy is much more affordable than not.

Ways to Establish Financial Responsibility for Driving in Wisconsin

The State of Wisconsin requires every drive to prove financial responsibility. If you cause a crash that results in property damage, personal injury, or death, other drivers have a right to know that you will pay.

The three ways you can prove financial responsibility in Wisconsin are:

• Placing a cash deposit of $60,000 with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
• Arranging a bonding company to guarantee $60,000 to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
• Maintaining auto liability insurance that meets state law.

What are Wisconsin’s Liability Insurance Requirements for Drivers of Private Passenger Vehicles?

If you don’t want to deposit $60,000 with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation or to arrange for a $60,000 bond, you have to buy auto insurance to drive on Wisconsin public roads. Every policy must provide at least:

• $10,000 of property damage coverage for the owner of the other vehicle when you are at fault in a crash,
• $25,000 coverage for personal injury or death of a single person in a single accident, and
• $50,000 coverage for personal injury or death of two or more persons in a single accident.

These are the state’s standards for the very minimum amount of coverage to stay on the road. It is important to remember that liability insurance is about what the company pays to other drivers when you cause a crash. Liability insurance does not pay for repairs to your car. That’s collision coverage. It does not pay for your own medical bills resulting from the crash.

That’s separate hospitalization coverage available for just a few dollars a month, but which has to be on your policy, not the other driver’s. It does not pay for damages to your car or for your medical bills when you are not at fault. That’s uninsured motorist coverage which you also can elect on your own policy.

The best way to keep your premiums in check is to shop around—and that is what this site is all about.

We will help you find the lower rates for the higher levels of protection you need, without the hassle of seeing an agent or the pressure tactics you may experience when you call insurance companies on their toll-free numbers.

Proof of Insurance in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, your proof of insurance is a form called an SR-22. Your insurance company will send a copy to WisDOT electronically that allows an arresting officer to check whether you are covered even before he or she approaches your car. Just in case of errors, you will also want to carry a paper copy of your SR-22 with you any time you drive. The insurance company will send you a link so you can print out your proof of insurance, or for a small fee will send you a card through the mail.

What happens if you are caught driving without proof of insurance or proof of financial responsibility in Wisconsin? You will get a ticket. You may be fined up to $500. After an investigation by WisDOT, you may lose your driver’s license and the registration for your car. Getting your license and car registration back requires you to buy Wisconsin car insurance, pay $50 for your reissued driver’s license, and $60 for your reissued registration. It’s a lot less expensive just to keep your coverage up to date.

How Much Does Wisconsin Car Insurance Usually Cost?

The average Wisconsin driver pays $1,045.16 per year for auto insurance. That’s lower than the US average of $1,446.49. Car insurance is usually higher in Milwaukee than in the rest of Wisconsin, and average of $1,356.51 per year, but lower in Madison, just $1,009.21 per year, and usually less in rural areas. Let us help you find the lowest rate by getting an online car insurance quote.

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