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Filed under auto insurance claims questions.

Do you have to prove No Claims Discount on your car insurance?
No Claims Discount (NCD) is the same as No Claims Bonus (NCB) and the initial burden of proving it to be true of false is with the insurance company.

Once the insurance company responds to your request, they will come back to you with a series of questions based on your historical data with them.

The usual questions are number of years with the company, any claims made, copies of your renewal packs, and proof that you are the main driver of the car insured.

If you are the main driver but not the owner of the car like a company-assigned car, you will need to present proof from your employer that the car is officially assigned to you and mention the number of years this has been so.

The document should be on the company’s official letterhead.  If someone other than yourself has made a claim against your insurance, this will invalidate the No Claims Discount. Furthermore, only the policy holder can apply for a No Claims Discount.

The drivers mentioned on the insurance policy are not considered as qualified for NCD. Finally, the usual number of years for NCD is 5 but there are some companies that allow longer periods.

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